• Matt Martin/Kewl Breeze (voiced by Dante Basco): Matt is the younger brother to Ellie/Elastika and looks up to Jason/Z-Strap like a role model and older brother. His powers involve manipulation of ice; and so far he's shown to be extremely powerful and skilled in their use. An example of his power level is shown when he instantly flash freezes a wall of ice taller and wider than the 50ft tall robot brought to life by Jason's mutated blood. He's also nearly completely flash frozen Jason's barge, and has shown the ability to generate levels of cold close enough to liquid nitrogen that he can shatter metal. He was the one who accidentally released the Zevo Compound infecting him, Ellie and Jason. Despite being the youngest of the group, Matt is easily the smartest, and shows super genius level intellect. So far he's invented a device that allowed Z-Strap to shrink himself to microscopic size due to his metal manipulation, an advanced communication system, a Heads Up Display for his shades, and more. Although many of his technological wonders seem to be trial and error, it's more his lack of resources than anything that hinder him.