• Jason James/Z-Strap (voiced by Bryton James): A loner that loves to go free running over in Stankville. He met Ellie/Elastika and her brother Matt/Kewl Breeze when he almost ran them over at the chemical plant. He controls metal objects, and can turn his appendages into metal objects (spears, cages, blocks, etc). After being Zevoed he began to hang out with the siblings and has become a friend and older sibling to them both from time to time. It might seem like Ellie and Matt annoy him, and sometimes they do, but deep down he cares; showing compassion is just hard for him since he's still bitter about his parents leaving him. He lives on a barge outside of New Eden City with his Grams. He also seems to harbor awkward, romantic feelings for Ellie. He's an urban sports enthusiast, and is an excellent skate boarder and free runner. He's also an artist, something he seemed to get into when his parents were killed in action.